Race Giveaway

✔️Follow us on Instagram HERE
✔️ Look for our post that starts with “🏁Race Day Giveaway Post 🏁” If it
says “race closed” then that race is over. Turn on post notifications to
make sure you don’t miss a race day post! (they will be posted once
every 2 weeks)
✔️ Pick a number 1-100 and comment it on the Race Day post. ONLY COMMENT
ONE NUMBER! If you pick multiple numbers you will be disqualified 👎
✔️ Sit back and wait until race day, maybe tell some friends to get them
in on the fun!
We will host the race every two weeks on our Instagram page. Day of the
race we will close the comments on the race post and you will be locked
in. There will be a max of 3 winners per race. If more than 3 people
guess the winning number they will go into a sudden death race and the 3
winners of that will be the winners for the week! If you want to change
your number after you already comment make sure you delete your old
comment. Once we have a winning number we will check the comments and
tag the winner(s).
Good Luck! 😎

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