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    Check Out Our Oasis Collection of Sunglasses!

    If you’ve been looking for a pair of sunglasses that looks amazing, protects your eyes, and is super comfortable to wear, then you have taken the right Detour (excuse the pun!). Our Oasis sunglasses sport an aviator style and come in a whole array of colors — making finding the coolest pair of shades an easy task.

    Lightweight and comfortable Oasis sunglasses

    Unlike other aviator-style sunglasses on the market, our Oasis frames feel great all day long. How did we do it? Well, at Detour, we created our own lightweight TAC polarized lenses to substitute heavy and outdated glass designs. Our TAC lenses offer exceptionally clear views while being scratch-resistant and lightweight. While the actual metallic frame of our Oasis range is the same you would get with expensive designer shades, our lenses are lighter-weight and stronger — making a huge difference to the wearing experience — and at a lower price! A win-win combination, if you ask us.

    Exceptional eye protection

    All of our Oasis sunglasses are made with our own industry-leading TAC lenses, a technology that offers much more to offer than just a lightweight substitute for glass. The TAC lenses in your new pair of Oasis sunglasses will block 100% of all harmful UV rays, effectively shielding your eyes on even the brightest days. What’s more, our lenses are also FDA-certified impact resistant and will protect you from flying objects. So you can get up to your favorite outdoor activities, whether that’s hiking in the mountains, playing football, or lounging in the pool, with absolute confidence that your eyes are well protected by your favorite pair of Detour shades.

    Walk through life with confidence in a pair of Oasis sunglasses

    You don’t need to be an outdoor enthusiast to want the latest in eye protection. Our Oasis frames are the perfect balance between performance and style. Their sleek aviator design is the perfect final touch to any outfit — boosting your confidence every time they sit on your nose. From brunches to pool parties and work events, your Oasis shades will be right at home in any social setting. Like the rest of the designs in the Detour collection, our Oasis sunglasses are fashionable, hardwearing, and exceptionally well priced. 

    Find your dream pair of Detour sunglasses online today

    The Oasis range is just one of the many collections we are proud to offer you at Detour. Finding a well-fitting frame that is right for your face shape is paramount for a comfortable wearing experience. While small and round faces are best suited to our Oasis and Bermuda range, take a look at our Bimini collection if you have a medium to large face. Alternatively, try our Hurricanes and Floaties sunglasses for a generalized fit that looks good on face shapes.

    For more information about our full range of products, shipping details, or help finding the perfect pair in our men’s and women’s ranges, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team online today.