Copy of About Us

Detour was started in 2012 out of Chicago, IL with the philosophy that sunglasses shouldn’t be so expensive that you’re afraid to wear them due to the fear of breaking or losing them. We wanted to make shades that you’re stoked on that won’t destroy your bank account. So take your Detour’s surfing, biking, hiking, or wherever your little heart desires and put them to use! At Detour we believe life is too short to follow the path you’re told to follow. Make your own path, do what makes you happy, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, and just enjoy life. Every once in awhile take a detour!

Why Us?

This is a question every consumer asks when deciding between companies. Most will tell you because their product is better. We are a little different. We already know our product is better, what we want you to know is our company as a whole is better. Our packaging, our customer service, our morals, everything we do tops our competitors. For two years we were including an extra pair of shades and a note asking the customer to do a random act of kindness and pay it forward in exchange for the free pair of shades. We have not once advertised doing this or did it for attention. We did it because we wanted to reward our customers for choosing us and to hopefully put a smile on their face. It’s crazy how one simple act of kindness can change someone’s day completely. We want you to have a good feeling when you purchase from us, we want you to tell your friends about us, we want you to be loyal to us, and that’s why we not only have a great product but also a great company. We still occasionally include a free pair of shades and a note so if you catch us on one of our pay it forward days be ready to pass on a random act of kindness to a stranger :)


About The Industry

Many people don’t know this but there is one giant company that owns around 80% of the sunglasses and optical industry. This company is Luxottica and they own many well-known high-end eyewear brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision, Chanel, Coach, Prada, and many more. Since they own most of the industry they get to control and set most of the pricing standards. We hate to break it to you but that pair of designer shades you spent hundreds of dollars on is most likely costing them less than $10 to make. Since they own majority of sunglass and optical stores it is rare to see any brands other than the ones they own in them, which eliminates the little competition they do have. This is where Detour comes in. Since we are not owned by anyone else we set and sell our glasses at prices that are more than fair for the cost of making them. If you like designer names and can afford the price tag that comes with that name then more power to you! But if you’re like us and like a good looking, quality, polarized, and durable pair of shades that will get you more compliments than those designer shades, then you came to the right place!


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