XL Tropical Blackout Snapback Hat
XL Tropical Blackout Snapback Hat
XL Tropical Blackout Snapback Hat

XL Tropical Blackout Snapback Hat

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Our XL Tropical Blackout snapback features high quality performance wicking mesh in a snapback that fits up to size 8-1/2 heads comfortably! Gone are the days of being on the last snap or not being able to wear your hat backwards because it looks funny. These XL hats for big heads are here to give you a normal fit on your large head! 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Fits well for anyone with big heads or lots of hair. Looks like a low profile hat but fits like a deep crown.

Pat F.
A Perfect Fit Out of the Box

I should not have been surprised by how perfectly this hat fit my head but again Detour has done it again! I cannot believe that I did not have to adjust the back of the hat and it fit with four snaps to go. For reference typical sized hats I can only have 1 or 2 snaps.

daaaaaaaaaang!!!! This is it !!!

So comfortable and good shape also, creazy great quality !!


 Great for a larger head. My fitted hat size is 7 5/8, and most Snapbacks are too small.

R. E.B.
Great fit for a larger head

I’m super happy with this hat, great fit.

Great hat for my large melon!!

Every hat I get is just barely big enough if I adjust it all the way out, and if I am lucky enough to find one that fits I wear it forever. This hat is the only one I have that fits perfectly. It’s comfortable, breathes well and looks great. It’s great looking, too!

Jeff K.
Finally a quality hat for a big head!

I always wear hats when I work out and could never find ones that were both big enough AND could be sweat in...like a lot. This one was perfect!

Brian K.

Awesome Hat! Fits great!