Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis
Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis
Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis
Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis
Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis
Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis

Galaxy Blurple Lens Polarized - Oasis

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Is it blue? Is it purple? We have no idea either! This color kind of happened by accident and sometimes accidents make for awesome outcomes! This Blurple lens sometimes looks blue and sometimes looks purple so we made it easy on everyone and just combined the two!


The number one complaint we’ve heard about aviator style sunglasses is that some of the heavier pairs get uncomfortable on your face after wearing them for a little while. We’ve also heard this makes them really hard to be active in. So we made our own LIGHTWEIGHT version.

Instead of using the common heavy (and crack prone) glass lens we are using a lightweight TAC polarized lens. The actual frame itself is similar to what you would get with expensive designer shades but the only difference is with ours you are getting a lightweight and stronger lens!

What does this mean? Glad you asked! This means you can wear your new Oasis shades all day without them bothering your face! So take them on hikes, to lake days, volleyball tournaments or even an all day patio brunch sesh!

•    UV400 Protective (to protect those eyes from the nasty UV rays)
•    Impact resistant lenses- FDA approved (to protect your eyes from flying objects!)
•    Detour pouch included (to protect your shades from protecting your eyes!)

Customer Reviews

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Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

These glasses are AMAZING! The price is great, and they look great.

Purple haze oasis

I love my sunglasses they are super cute and stylish! I will definitely be ordering another pair!


These glasses are amazing. Great quality and they look great! Will definitely be buying more.

Nice, but wish they were bigger

They look good, and work well protecting you against the sun. I just wish they were bigger!


Absolutely loved them! Great quality.

Solid lightweight sunglasses

I've worn glasses my whole life and always wanted to wear sunglasses but couldn't. I recently got LASIK surgery and ordered these for after. It's amazing being able to see and wear shades! I love the look of these-- I've always wanted a pair of blue mirrored aviators, and these are really good quality for the price. They're lightweight but not wobbly, and so far the lenses are pretty clear. I also love the pinkish brown tone they give everything--the sunrise the day after my surgery was so pretty with these on!! Shipping was fast. Only annoying thing is that I can see my own eyes reflected back at me sometimes, but maybe that is normal for mirrored sunnies. I will probably be ordering more styles!

Love them!

Love these new sunglasses! Wore them at the beach and they were perfect! Lightweight and polarized to protect my eyes. Thanks Detour!

Great glasses

I bought these to wear comfortably with my hat! They really do help with the reflection


Love the fit, color, and price !! Very fast shipping :)


Love thee