Blue Light Blockers - Blue Light Blockers
Blue Light Blockers - Blue Light Blockers
Blue Light Blockers - Blue Light Blockers
Blue Light Blockers - Blue Light Blockers

Blue Light Blockers

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Looking to cut out blue light when spending time looking at screens? Do you get migraines, headaches, or eye strain from being on the computer or your phone too much? Then you came to the right place! These blue light blockers will diffuse harmful rays that are emitted from TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting.

Our lightweight frame is perfect for tossing on and forgetting you are even wearing them while at the office or home!

Customer Reviews

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Worth it and lightweight.


10/10 the best blue light blockers I’ve had! I’ve noticed a great change within my workday whenever I wear them. No more headaches, no more anything but relief!!

The quality, shipping & price is 10/10!

diana m.
Light and stylish

I was actually pretty impressed by the quality, they are light but not cheap. Really good blue light blockers

Nick A.
Great Glasses

These blue light blocking glasses work great! I've been using them for a few days now and I really notice a difference in my headaches. They are lightweight and I hardly notice I have them on, and they look very stylish!

Actually Make a Difference

I got these for my girlfriend for work and she says they really make a difference for her and her eye fatigue, as a side note they are quite cute as well.

Cute, Poor Quality

These glasses are cute and fit well (small head/face for reference). I notice a difference in colour when looking at screens. Unfortunately these glasses are cheap quality. The arm of my glasses broke off (the screw came right out) out of nowhere. Now I have to balance them on my face with one arm and try not to move so I can still use them.

Hi! We have a 6 month warranty on all our glasses and we would be happy to get them repaired for you! Its rare that the screws will back themselves out but luckily that is an easy fix! I just sent you an email with instructions on getting those back to us for a repair! Thanks!

Matthew H.
My new gaming glasses

I use these to protect my eyes while playing xbox for long stints. They really do reduce eye fatigue and headaches

Miranda C.
Blue light blockers

So far I’m very pleased with the quality! Shipping was fast.

Meghan H.
Help with eye strain

Great product to help with long days on the computer! Less headaches!

Amanda D.
Keeping down eye strain

They are super lightweight and have helped reduce eye strain while I stare at my computers and phone for work. I’ve noticed less midday headaches while wearing them.