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There’s a huge variety of snowboard and ski goggles on the market and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not sure what to look for. A good pair of goggles should perform well in several categories, including visibility, durability and comfortable fit. So how do Detour's PowPow snow goggles stack up against competitors?

Detour PowPow vs Oakley™ Flight Deck 

At Detour, we pride ourselves on delivering quality snow goggles that meet all these requirements at an affordable price, so you can shred on the slopes and not shred your budget.

So, what makes our goggles different? Continue reading to see the full comparison chart and learn what sets Detour apart from other brands.


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What Should You Look for When Buying Snow Goggles? 

Of course, you can’t test every single option yourself. So how can you know which gear has good visibility and comfort? Luckily, there’s a few key features you can look for, which will indicate whether a pair of goggles can stand up to the elements.

Most high-quality goggles use some type of high contrast lens filter to afford riders the clearest possible view of their surroundings. Detour’s PowPow goggles use Hi-Fi™ lens technology to separate light and dark areas so that riders can easily identify objects and potential hazards in a bright snowy environment. 

Another aspect of visibility is fog prevention. Wearing goggles while skiing or snowboarding can easily build up a lot of humidity, especially if you’re wearing them for long periods of time. That’s why most snow goggles have added features to prevent internal moisture.

Detour’s PowPow goggles use a dual venting system to quickly and efficiently disperse moisture. They also have anti-fog coatings on both the inner and outer lens. And the inner lens’ coating is wipe-resistant, which means the anti-fog coating won’t get wiped away over time with regular cleaning. 

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