💔 Breaking Up With Facebook

We want to reward you, not Facebook!

Word of mouth referrals have always meant the world to us & now they mean the world x50! We are in the process of cutting back our spending with Facebook and Instagram ads. We’re basically in the middle of a break up where we are slowly moving our things out 😂 

Long story short there are a lot of questionable moves they are making and with it hurting small businesses like ourselves we decided it's now time to cut back on using their paid ad services! 

Marketing is super expensive right now and less effective than it has ever been! That is why word of mouth is more important than ever! And that is also why we are offering you $15 off your next purchase for every new friend or family member you send our way and makes a purchase! They also get $10 off their purchase! You can get your custom link to share HERE (or just click the blue reward icon in the bottom right of your screen)

In case you missed our first billboard picture on Instagram here it is 😂 If you're in the Chicagoland area its off highway 90E right after the Allstate Arena!

Take a Look at our shades in action