The Best Sunglasses for Running

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Running is great for staying fit and healthy, and with summer in full swing there’s never been a better time to get outside and stretch your legs. But summer weather also brings high heat and bright sunlight that can throw your run off course and ruin your mile time.

So, what are the best sunglasses to wear next time you go for a run? There’s plenty of options to balance, but the most important factors are weight, comfortable fit and tint color. Continue reading to learn more about why Detour sunglasses are perfect for running and other outdoor activities.

What Should Runners Look for in a Pair of Sunglasses?

The main criteria to look for when choosing sunglasses for running are weight, anti-fogging, close fit and firm grip on the face. And of course you’ll also want sunglasses that effectively block light to improve your vision in bright sunlight.

The best options we have are the Eminence Collection and the Essentials Collection Both of these designs are lightweight and feature slightly longer arms that help the glasses stay in place while you’re moving.

The specific type of sunglasses you need will also depend on the type of running you’re doing: trail running, running laps on a terf track, sprinting, or jogging and running on concrete and pavement in an urban environment.

All types of outdoor running can expose your eyes to the elements like wind and rain, as well as small particles of dust and dirt. This is especially true for if you’re running long distances in rugged conditions like trail running. Sunglasses with higher impact resistance and a comfortable fit are essential for this type of activity. These kinds of environmental concerns might be less important if you’re running on a track or sprinting short distances.

What Color Sunglasses are Best for Running?

 Although the weight and fit of your sunglasses is important, the tint of the polarized lens is also something you should pay attention to.

If you’re running in bright, sunny conditions, amber and brown lenses are a smart choice. Their ability to block significant blue light helps reduce glare and strain on your eyes, providing a more comfortable experience. If you’re running in areas with very little shade like an exposed track, amber and brown lenses will work well. In particular, our Sunset Lenses are great for running on those bright summer days.

You may also want to consider red tinted lenses. Similar to brown and amber lenses, red tints will filter out a high percentage of blue light. If you’re running in moderately sunny or slightly cloudy conditions, red tinted sunglasses are a good decision.

Another suitable color for running sunglasses is yellow or orange. These shades block less light than brown or red lenses and can enhance contrast in hazy or overcast conditions. By filtering out less light, red lenses maintain contrast under lower light conditions. If you’re planning to run under overcast weather, stormy skies or shady trails and forests, yellow tinted glasses like our Deep Blue (which despite its name uses a yellow-tint base) are a great choice.

Runners should try to stay away from green and grey lenses. These colors don’t heighten contrast and may cause you to miss obstacles or hazards on the trail or path. Ultimately, the choice of sunglass tint color depends on the specific conditions and types of running you’re doing.




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