Why You Should Wear Sunglasses on Cloudy Days: Eye Protection Facts


When the clouds roll in and the sun seems hidden, it's easy to dismiss the need for sunglasses. However, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays should be a year-round practice, regardless of the weather. Detour Sunglasses is dedicated to providing stylish eyewear that not only complements your look but also safeguards your vision. In this article, we will delve into the importance of wearing sunglasses on cloudy days and shed light on the crucial facts about eye protection.

Clouds Don't Block UV Rays

Cloudy days can be misleading when it comes to sun exposure. While clouds might reduce the intensity of visible light, they do not block ultraviolet (UV) rays. Harmful UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and reach your eyes, posing a risk of eye damage. To mitigate these potential dangers, wearing sunglasses becomes a necessity even on overcast days.

Protection against UV-Related Eye Conditions

Exposure to UV rays is linked to various eye conditions, and long-term exposure can lead to serious consequences. One such condition is cataracts, which cause the lens of the eye to become cloudy, leading to blurred vision. Another concern is macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss among older adults. Sunglasses with UV protection act as a barrier against these harmful rays, reducing the risk of developing these eye conditions.

Preventing Photokeratitis

Photokeratitis, often referred to as "sunburn of the eye," is a painful condition that can occur on cloudy days too. It is caused by the reflection of UV rays off surfaces like water, snow, or sand. Symptoms include redness, tearing, sensitivity to light, and a gritty feeling in the eyes. Wearing sunglasses with proper UV protection shields your eyes from harmful reflections, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience outdoors.

Shielding Sensitive Tissues

The skin around our eyes is delicate and prone to sun damage, including skin cancer. Wearing sunglasses not only protects our eyes but also shields the sensitive skin around them from harmful UV rays. Choose sunglasses with larger frames or wraparound styles to provide extra coverage to the skin around your eyes.

Enhanced Visual Comfort

Sunglasses offer more than just UV protection. They reduce glare, making it easier to see on bright days or when surrounded by reflective surfaces. This enhanced visual comfort can significantly improve your outdoor experience, whether you're driving, participating in outdoor activities, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Fashion and Functionality Combined

Detour Sunglasses believes that eye protection should never compromise on style. With a wide range of trendy and durable sunglasses, you can look fabulous while keeping your eyes safe. From classic aviators to modern cat-eye designs, there's a perfect pair for everyone.


Cloudy days might not appear as threatening to our eyes as bright sunny days, but UV rays are still a lurking danger. As an advocate of eye protection, Detour Sunglasses encourages everyone to make sunglasses a part of their daily attire, no matter the weather. Shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays can prevent eye conditions, enhance visual comfort, and safeguard the delicate skin around your eyes.

Invest in high-quality sunglasses with proper UV protection and enjoy the outdoors with confidence and style. Remember, your eyes are precious, and protecting them is an essential step towards maintaining good eye health throughout your life. Choose Detour Sunglasses, and never compromise on the well-being of your eyes!

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