Choosing The Right Pair of Sunglasses: Key features to look out for

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All outdoor activities have their own specific gear. You’re not going to wear hiking boots when you’re going fly fishing- you need the right tool for the job. There’s no piece of gear more important than the right pair of sunglasses. Your eyes’ trusty sidekick, sunglasses come in all sorts of sizes, shapes - each having their own key features. It can be tough to make the right decision. In this article we’ll explore how to select the right eyewear for each occasion. 

Best Features for Running

When jogging, it is essential to choose eyewear that is comfortable, lightweight, and provides UV protection. Keeping your frame light makes for a comfortable and unobstructed run. The only thing more important than your shades being lightweight, is ensuring your sunnies keep your eyes safe from harmful UV Rays.  Look for shades with UV 400 polarized lenses, as they reduce glare and provide better visibility. When looking for frame styles, wraparound frames are an excellent choice, offering extra coverage and keeping your eyewear in place while running.

Best Beach Features 

When you’re out soaking in the sun, make sure you have the right glasses for the job.

For the beach, your shades need to provide UV400 protection. Not just any pair of sunglasses will keep your eyes safe. UV400 sunglasses act as a barrier from harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrating your eyes. Being out at the beach all day UV400 is a must. Not only do your sunglasses need to provide outstanding UV protection, they also need to be comfortable. Find out what face shape you have and see what sunglasses feel great resting on your face all day long. Finally, make sure you LOVE how your sunglasses look on you. Do they match your newest swimsuit? Are they a timeless classic? Do they just look down right cool? Whatever the reason, find a frame that keeps your eyes safe and that look phenomenal on you. 

Check out some of our best beach-bound pairs here!

Finding Phenomenal Fishing Sunglasses 

There’s no better outdoor activity to unpack and relax than fishing.  Being out by the water, in the scorching hot sun, you’re going to need a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. As previously mentioned, UV 400 polarized lenses are a must, but that won’t be enough if you’re by the water for (potentially) hours at a time. If you’re going to be fishing in or near salt water, getting lenses that are salt water resistant is crucial. Having this feature will extend your sunglasses lifespan and ensure that your lens clarity won’t degrade overtime.

Fishing sessions can be an all day affair, so comfort is key. Look for sunglasses with rubberized nose pads and side arms to prevent fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, finding a pair with Z87+ ratings will ensure that your sunglasses will hold up in the toughest of situations - keeping your eyes safe from flying debris or dangerous elements. You never know what could happen when you’re pulling in a good bite, so having durable glasses can make all the difference. If you’re serious about having the best tool for the job, getting a pair of glasses with these features is a no-brainer. 

Take Your Sunglasses to New 'Hikes'

Though a hike can take place almost anywhere, there’s a few universal features you're going to want to have. Strong frames with scratch resistant lenses will ensure your sunglasses will survive that occasional drop that’s just bound to happen. As mentioned before, comfort for long term use is key. Comfy glasses make your hike that much better. Don't forget the UV400 lenses, they will keep your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays. When looking for the best lens tint, keep an eye out for Brown or Amber lenses. These tints will boost contrast and provide a ‘sharper’ look to the world around you. If you want to view your surroundings with the least amount of contrast, then buy yourself a pair with gray lenses. Finally, any sort of anti-glare will help aid your viewing experience if there’s no little to no shade on your hike. 

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be fun. When all the right features come together in a pair of sunglasses, the feeling is magical. We here at Detour offer high-quality eyewear that can meet any outdoor occasion. Whether you’re out for a jog, exploring that next trail on your bucket list, going on a fishing trip with your kids or relaxing at the beach….choose Detour for your next outdoor adventure.



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