Best Sunglasses Frames to Wear This Summer!

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Summer is here! Beach excursions, long hikes, and more are back in season, meaning it’s time to get your hands on new sunglasses to enhance your summer wardrobe. Whether you need a new pair to protect your eyes from the sun, or just want to look fresh, Detour Sunglasses has got your back. Here are the best sunglasses frames to flaunt this summer.


Aviators (Pilot Shades)

The Aviator is synonymous with cool, functional and timeless. They’ve been around for decades, and they're just as good now as they were in the summer of 1973. They look great no matter the occasion. Whether you’re heading down to the seaside or just running errands, the Aviator looks good on everyone. Point Blank. Full Stop. Check out our take on the iconic style with our Coastal and Coastal XL models. 

Wayfarer Shades

Subtle, elegant, form fitting, that's what defines the Wayfarer Shades. Being donned since the 1950’s, Wayfarer shades are another timeless design that seems to always stay in vogue. Their square framework compliments small heads, big heads, tall and short ones. You can’t go wrong with the Wayfarer Shades. Whether you want to harness your inner James Dean or you want to impersonate Anthony Micahel Hall from The Breakfast Club - whatever the reason - give Wayfarer’s a try! Check out Detour's take on the sleek frame, The Eminence

Circular Shades

Two perfect circles, a divisive style that can absolutely make a statement. These glasses have seen a revival in recent years. If you want to make a statement, there’s few things as eye-catching as this minimalist style. No longer are these bold frames exclusive to bad hippy costumes, you can pair these with casual dress wear, chic attire, or even business casual. Find a size and lens that works best for you!

Clubmaster Shades

Clubmaster shades are the modern spin on the classic wayfarer style. Their bold browline adds refinement and class to any outfit. There’s plenty of fun ways that this frame expresses itself. With the bold browline many brands put on diverse patterns, prints, and finishes - enhancing the aesthetic flair of every pair. Check out our take on this bold style with our Castaway Shades

Rectangular Shades

A contemporary frame, made for hardworking people. This frame goes above and beyond. Strong, thick frames with durable hinges and a lens style that suits most face shapes. The Rectangular shade has come into vogue over the last 20 years, and for good reason. Our Big Kahunas embody everything great about this frame. We take the frame to the next level.

Cat-Eye Shades

Cat eye shades are pointed, feminine sunglasses-invoking the fashion of icons like Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna. The pointed ends, ovular lenses and sleek hinge design come together to make a pair of sunglasses that are unlike any other, and for good reason. Purchase this modern frame if you’re looking to add a high end boutique look to your summer wardrobe.

Square Shades

Square shades are versatile and also bold! With their square framework, they add a dash of refinement and with every outfit. Throw them on with some swim attire and make your sunglasses the exclamation point of your beach fit. If you’re going out for dinner, throw on a nice button up and slacks with your square shades for a look that’s refined and fun. Check out Detour’s take on this modern frame with the Tidal Waves.

Sunglasses are about expressing yourself. With our guide, you're now equipped to find the best pairs for your fun, summer activities. 



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