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Every man has his own personal arsenal. You’ve got your wallet, keys, your favorite ball cap, and a pair of trusty sunglasses. Today, we’re going to help you pick out the best pair of sunglasses to add to your arsenal. Do you want a tough and comfortable design, or a sleek, minimalist design? Whatever pair you’re looking for, Detour has got you covered. 

Big Kahuna 

Do you want a pair of sunglasses that works just as hard as you? Then look no further than the Big Kahunas. These sturdy frames were designed to last and look good while doing it. Their thick frame and rectangular lenses look great on every face shape. Not only do they look great, but they provide superb comfort with their spring-hinge frames and their curved eartips. If you’re worried about keeping your eyes safe from the sun, the Big Kahunas have got your back- with their UV400 polarized lenses, they will keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays and give you unmatched clarity when you’re outside. 

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Coastal and Coastal XL

The Aviator frame is a timeless style. The Coastal is one of our takes on this essential pair of men's sunglasses. We took this timeless, fighter pilot style and made it our own. The round-bottomed frame, sleek frame and highly comfortable nose tips give the pair an air of confidence. Like all of our signature frames, The Coastal has UV400 Polarized lenses, keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. No matter what size head you have, we’ve got you covered. The Coastal comes in both the regular size and the XL size. So don’t worry if you’ve got a huge cranium or a small noggin, there’s a Coastal size for everyone. Whether you’re headed out for a day of activities by the water, or heading out for dinner, these glasses will make you look like ‘The Man’. 

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Tidal Wave 

The Tidal Wave is a bold and practical pair of sunglasses. The strong top brow and larger lenses are the premier mens frame. Our Tidal Waves are feature packed. Not only do they have UV400 polarized lenses, they also have the comfortable nose bridge that gives phenomenal comfort during your daily activities.The nose bridge on the Tidal Wave doesn't get tangled, leaving you one less thing to worry about during your next outdoor adventure. The full frame lens gives you great protection from the sun's rays all while you harness your inner 80’s action hero. 

They are so great for outdoor water activities that famous Wakesurfer Sean Silveira teamed up with Detour to make his own signature pair: The Tidal Wave - Sean Silvera Edition. If you want to learn more about Sean, you can click HERE.

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The Eminence is a Legacy Detour frame that has stood the test of time. Boasting one of the widest range of lens and frame offerings, Eminence provides you tons of options for you to express your individual look. Eminence offers a similar look to the Big Kahuna all while making it more appropriate for medium-sized heads. Like all the other glasses on this list, Eminence offers UV400 polarized lenses, helping you keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Just like the Big Kahuna, The Eminence is a BOLD pair that can keep up with whatever you throw at it. 

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The Bermuda is truly in a lane of its own - with its minimalist wire frame look, and hexagonal lens shape, you’ll leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Suited for small to medium headsizes, the Bermuda looks sophisticated, without lacking any sense of fun and adventure. These sunnies are so lightweight, you might forget they are on your face. Just like our other sunglasses, this pair has UV400 polarized lenses. Say goodbye to harsh UV rays and hello to a stylish and functional pair of awesome sunglasses. 

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At Detour, we want you to have sunglasses that look amazing on you and keep your eyes safe without breaking the bank. Every pair we offer at Detour meets that standard because we want you to have the best set of sunnies possible! No matter what pair you pick out, you’re in for an experience you won’t soon forget. 

UV400 Polarized lenses are a key feature to each of these sunglasses- if you're left wanting to learn more about them click HERE




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