The Best Oversized Sunglasses

Do you want a confident and strong looking pair of sunglasses? No other frame style does that quite like oversized frames. This frame style has only grown in popularity over the last several years. Getting their start from iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Elton John, celebrities today still carry on this bold and stylish frame to this day. All of our Oversized Sunglasses at Detour are UV400 rated, meaning they'll give you phenomenal protection from the Sun’s harmful rays! These large sunglasses keep the sun out of your face, helping you stay focused on what’s most important to you.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your next pair of sunglasses, check out what Oversized Sunglasses we at Detour have to offer!

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This lightweight frame is packed with a ton of personality. With the floating frame and cat-eye edges, the Riptide is sure to wow people. The Riptide frame embodies summer fun. Each pair has super soft and comfortable silicone nose pads to offer ultimate comfort. If you’re looking for fun colors, we got you covered. Our Galaxy Blurple Lenses are cool, calm and confident. If you want a color that really POPS, the Pink Lens has got you covered. We also offer a champagne yellow and a hot pink lens. The vibrant colors on this large frame make for a chic pair. If you’re looking for a new pair of Oversized Sunglasses, our Riptides are an amazing addition to any wardrobe.

Here’s what the Riptide Fans have to say:


  • They are even better in person. I love these! I’ve gotten so many compliments.


  • Great sunglasses. They look so great! They are lightweight and fit perfectly! Well done!


  • Love these so much, I’ve bought them three times. Each time I’ve gotten a different color, love every single one.

After you get yourself a pair of Riptides and it'll be a matter of time before someone asks ‘where’d you get those from’?

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Tidal Wave

The Tidal Waves are bold and practical. Express yourself with these sunglasses. Their strong top brow and tall lenses put them apart from the aviator or the wayfarer styles. Not only does the larger lens look cool, that extra size also helps give your eyes full coverage from the sun. The UV rays won’t be bothering you while you’re out enjoying your day. The Tidal Waves are a practical pair of sunglasses that let you express yourself. We offer this frame in three unique lens colors: 24k Gold, Rose Quartz, and Jet Black.

Here’s a few words from the Tidal Wave Stans:


  • Great stuff! They have a nice weight to them and have great coverage. Really block out the sun.


  • Love Detour!! My wife and I both got a pair. My wife looks amazing in them and we love how dark they get.

Austin wrote:

  • Awesome Glasses. They are great quality and very stylish. Bought some for the whole family and everyone loved them! 

Check out these Bold and Retro-inspired frames!

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Do you want a large aviator style? Do you want one that is surprisingly light? Then you should look at our Bimini frame. Here’s an aviator that stands apart from the rest. The lightweight frame sets them apart from other aviators. You can go an entire afternoon with them on your head and forget you even have them on. The top bridge and the edgeless frame gives the Bimini a sleek, slim look. What makes this frame look incredible doesn’t stop there. We offer the Bimini in these stylish lens colors: Jet Black, Dreamsicle, Electric Blue, and Pink Lemonade. Whether you want a subtle lens color or a color that makes a statement, we’ve got you covered.

The Bimini Crew wrote:


  • These are my favorite glasses. They are super comfortable, lightweight TOO. You can actually tell they are polarized and do a great job of actually blocking out sunlight.


  • Unparalleled style for the price. I haven’t found any other company that gives as much bang for your buck like Detour. That’s why I keep coming back.


  • I love them! They are so cute! They also work really well. Love that they’re polarized and still so affordable. Definitely a great buy.

Lightweight weight, unique - all at a great price! The Bimini is one of THE best oversized frames out there.

Click HERE for the Bimini Collection.

Whether you want the best UV Protection possible or just want to look your best, Oversized Sunglasses help you do both. Check out our collections to see what frame and styles work best for you. With the summer in full swing, you better get them ASAP.




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