Summer with Detour: Your Perfect Pair for Every Activity


Summer is just around the corner, bringing with it camping weekends, morning runs, and impromptu beach days. Are you ready?

We design our sunglasses with adventure in mind, so here are our product picks for each summer activity.

Our Pick for: Running

A good pair of sunglasses is often overlooked on the long list of essential running gear. Between expensive shoes, tech, and clothing, why spend more on sunglasses when you just don’t have to?

Our Essentials line offers the perfect solution to unnecessary eye strain and discomfort on those long runs. Running is hard. Don’t make it harder. With no-slip, sweat-proof technology, our sunglasses will stay on your face for miles, easily becoming the best running buddy you’ve ever had at an affordable price.



Our Pick for: the Beach

We know all too well the heartbreak of watching your favorite pair of sunglasses sink into the depths of murky lake water, never to be seen again. Which is why we came up with a style of sunglasses that would never see the bottom of the pond in their lifetime: our Floaties line.

The lightweight, buoyant technology keeps them just above the surface of the waves, taking the stress out of your beach days and letting you play hard in the water without concern.



Our Pick for: Fishing

Polarized sunglasses help heaps when reading beneath the surface of the water. It helps to have a good spot, a good cast, and good aim, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have x-ray vision while doing all three. Which is why our pick for summer fishing is our Breach line, coming in regular sizes and XL sizes. 

The Breach style hooks around your ears and stays put with its wraparound style. It cuts back on glare from the water while simultaneously making details pop, helping you see fish better and without eye strain. 



Our Pick for: Golfing 

Warm weather, clear skies, and a calm breeze calls for a day on the green. Let your new lucky charm be our Coastal line, a style of sunglasses that blends the Aviator shape with the Clubmaster charm. Our Coastal style is lightweight, provides full coverage, and comes in an XL size, making it the perfect accessory for your next outing. 



Our Pick for: Having a Dog

Do you have a four legged friend who is fond of chewing on anything that fits in its jaws? We know the type. Which is why we make all of our sunglasses extra durable in case your buddy with the tail gets ahold of our product. 

For this scenario we recommend: every style! With our guaranteed 6 month warranty and $5 Lifetime Warranty, we’ve got you covered, and we actually mean it. 


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